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Sportstech specialist Skylab announces LTA Padel partnership

Skylab, a Manchester-based specialist in sports technology and performance analysis, has announced a new partnership with the Lawn Tennis Association’s padel performance agency, LTA Padel.

The collaboration underscores Skylab’s commitment to excellence and showcases its ability to deliver innovative and diverse solutions tailored specifically for elite sports organisations like LTA Padel.

The LTA Padel performance programme in Great Britain will utilise Skylab’s Game Intelligence product and performance analysis services. The software will provide athletes and coaches alike with interactive and detailed match data, seamlessly integrated into intuitive dashboards that create automated video playlists.

The padel team at the LTA will gain a deeper understanding of padel at the elite level to support talent identification, player pathway and coaching strategies as they strive to compete with the world’s best.

“Previously, padel players lacked accurate and robust performance data, which made it impossible to analyse the opposition in detail.” said Ciaran Skinner, business development manager, Skylab.

“Coaches couldn’t answer their players’ key performance questions quickly, and performance directors had to rely on gut feeling and experience when evidencing what elite Padel looks like. However, our product and services provide practitioners with insights into the technical and tactical aspects of the game, as well as the physical demands required for elite-level performance. This allows practitioners to understand and predict the future performance of their players, enabling them to make data-informed decisions.”

Skylab offers tailored, market-leading performance analysis services and bespoke web platforms to elite sporting clients. It revolutionises how elite sports teams and individuals interact, use, and visualise their data. By packaging performance analysis with industry leading UX and bespoke software, it puts its partners in a position to make better decisions in sport.

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