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Snook becomes part of NEC Digital Studio

NEC Software Solutions has teamed up with Glasgow’s Snook, which NEC acquired in 2019, to launch a pioneering service which helps public sector organisations to improve the design and delivery of digital services to better meet people’s needs.

The newly formed division, NEC Digital Studio, combines the creative problem-solving skills of service design experts Snook, who have previously operated independently, with NECSWS’s expertise in delivering innovative technology for housing, health, policing, local and central government. Snook has previously conceptualised apps and digital channels for government, charities and businesses that are purposefully designed to be inclusive, ethical, and sustainable.

As NEC Digital Studio, the team provides a complete life cycle of digital services and transformation to positively change how people interact with the public sector.

Marco Fiorentino, executive director of NEC Digital Studio, said: “The digital transformation of public services is most successful when the technology behind it is designed from the ground up with real people and real lives at its core.

“As NEC Digital Studio, we shine a bright light on the unshakable commitment of our design and IT engineering experts to deliver technology and solutions that improve the lives of people, families and communities. This is design for life.”

The 100-plus-strong NEC Digital Studio team is already helping organisations in central and local government and the healthcare sector to improve efficiently and shape services that are people-friendly and futureproofed.

AstraZeneca is working with NEC Digital Studio to plan and implement a pioneering service and technology that supports the drive for more patient-centred pathways.

The NEC Digital Studio team are also working with a local authority to create a new system to improve the management of children’s services.

Phee Kinnear, strategy and propositions director at NEC Digital Studio, and former managing director of Snook, said: “We continue to push the boundaries to improve people’s lives and supersize what’s possible, with the personal touch.

“At NEC Digital Studio, we help organisations centre their digital transformation on the people they serve. We also bring our vision for a fairer, more equitable world to life for the benefit of everyone who uses public services.”

Tina Whitley, CEO at NECSWS, said: “We are dedicated to helping our customers make public services work better for everyone. The new team will continue to create smart, practical solutions that can make a significant difference to people’s lives.”

The new NEC Digital Studio brand will replace the Snook name from this month.

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