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SLG flushes privacy away in Open Rights Group stunt


Manchester’s SLG was behind a PR stunt in London, which saw users of a public toilet get more exposure than they were expecting.

It was part of a campaign for the Open Rights Group, which is campaigning against the controversial Investigatory Power Bill (also referred to as the Snooper’s Charter).

“We’re passionately behind Open Rights and their mission to safeguard the freedom of people in the UK. We know many people don’t value their online privacy as much as they do their offline privacy, and this video really brings that to life,” explained David Campbell, creative director at SLG.

“The idea wasn’t to be shocking or controversial for the sake of it, but to get a reaction from real people when faced with an attack on their privacy. We wanted to create a video that spread like an infection and the reaction so far has been exactly what we wanted.”

The toilet was installed on Brick Lane in London, but its frosted glass walls, cleared at the push of a button.

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