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Shiver North wins Embarrassing Pets commission from Channel 4

Embarrassing Pets

Channel 4 has commissioned Shiver North – the Manchester-based arm of the ITV Studios’ label – to produce new daytime series Embarrassing Pets.

The series showcases owners and pets with embarrassing behavioural or health issues in common and follows a successful pilot in August 2017.

The 20×30 series will follow a team of experts – dog behaviourist Leon Towers and animal behaviourist Caroline Clark and vets Deepti Sharma and Gavin McDonagh – at the Embarrassing Pets practice in Cheshire.

They encounter a variety of owners desperately seeking help with their characterful pets, and will help to fix their problems. 

The pets range from “pungent pugs to diva ducks, angry alpacas to petulant parrots” and the experts meet each family at home before they attend the practice. 

Sally Evans, Executive Producer for Shiver, said: “I’m really excited about this ambitious daytime series that’s full of heart and humour. It taps in beautifully to Britain’s obsession with our pets, magnifying the extraordinary relationship between owner and animal and the passion of the experts who help them.”

Tim Hancock, Commissioning Editor, Daytime and Features at Channel 4, added: “Channel 4 daytime viewers love animals and we’re hoping they’ll love this joyous show, which applies the playful tone of our 5pm series to the country’s passion for pets.”

The Series Producer is Lizzie Gill and the Series Director is Steve McConville.

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