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Sheffield 3D-print tech firm eyes £15m turnover

A 3D-printed ball

A Sheffield-based 3D-printing tech firm is poised to report around a £15m annual turnover after it attracted over 300 blue-chip clients as customers.

Additive Manufacturing Technologies (AMT) was founded in 2017 and turned to Shawbrook to secure a £3m venture debt loan to support further expansion. Further funding rounds in 2019 and 2021 saw it attract further funding from investors including MericaAsset Management and Foresight Group.

Over that time, it has invented technology that automates the post-processing of 3D-printed objects into parts and components for thousands of manufactured goods, from household appliances to electric vehicles and trainers.

The business, which employs 108 people at its base in Sheffield alongside offices and production facilities in Hungary and Texas, is set to more than triple its revenues and achieve profitability in the process with a predicted global turnover of “$15-20m”

The post-processing of 3D-printed objects was previously done manually, which made scaling up to high-volumes difficult and has largely limited 3D printing to prototyping.

The new technology, developed following extensive research, including at the University of Sheffield, tackles this challenge by automating the process.

Joseph Crabtree, CEO & Founder of AMT, said: “The promise that 3D printing could revolutionise the manufacturing process to deliver huge time and cost savings has been an exciting prospect for years. But it has only become a viable alternative to injection moulding and CNC machining very recently thanks to automated post-processing.”

Jack Bates, venture debt associate director at Shawbrook, added: “AMT’s remarkable technology is opening new doors for manufacturing.  It can be used to create automated production and packaging lines to help firms tackle skills shortage and ramp-up production. And vitally, it can enable more local and domestic manufacturing that will ease supply chain pressures.



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