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Roadshow Promotions launches fleet of modular promotional buses

One of Roadshow's new modular fleet

Blackpool promotional bus company Roadshow Promotions has launched a new fleet of modular promotional buses offering flexibility, cost savings, and immersive brand experiences for promotional bus tours.

Traditionally, preparing a bus for a promotional or educational tour has taken several months, often involving extensive modifications internally and externally both before and after the tour. The new fleet of Modular Buses provides shortened lead times meaning that tours will now be ready in a matter of days.

Clients will be able to book a bus at short notice to meet time-sensitive marketing campaigns, or for when unexpected opportunities or events arise.

“We are incredibly proud of the investment we have made in this innovation,” said Natasha Greenley, director of Roadshow Promotions. “It represents our commitment to providing our clients with the most advanced and efficient solutions available.”

With reduced lead times, cost savings and flexibility, the fleet’s versatility will make it suitable for organisations with varying campaign durations, making regional or intermittent tours requiring breaks in between possible. Clients will be able to rest, redress, and reuse a bus for successive campaigns, making it a sustainable and cost-effective choice.

The flexibility to change the layout internally is expected to be popular with clients, allowing them to create the desired seating arrangements, branding, messaging and workspaces they require while graphics and branding can be applied to modular areas both inside and outside the bus allowing for maximum brand visibility.

“We believe that this investment will revolutionise the way promotional bus tours are executed and drive impactful results for clients,” Greenley added. “It demonstrates our dedication to staying at the forefront of the industry, continuously pushing boundaries to deliver exceptional value and immersive brand experiences. We are excited to see the transformative impact this innovation will have on our clients’ success stories and look forward to further driving innovation and excellence in the marketing landscape.”

Roadshow Promotions is the UK’s premier promotional vehicle hire production company, with more vehicles than anyone else. Across both the UK and Europe, its promotional buses spend more days on the road than virtually all its competitors combined – if a branded bus has caught your eye recently, chances are it was Roadshow Promotions at the wheel.

High profile customers have included The X Factor’s promotional tours, Sport England’s pre- and post-Olympics UK tour, Rimmel’s London tour, University outreach and covid testing and vaccination buses.

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