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RMS PR delivers values-led internal NHS campaign

RMS PR, Marketing & Design, based in Greater Manchester, has delivered an internal creative communications campaign for the Northern Care Alliance NHS Foundation Trust (NCA).

The agency was asked to develop a creative campaign that conveyed the Trust’s core values to its 20,000 colleagues who work at several sites across Greater Manchester.

Agency founder Ruth Shearn said: “The campaign needed to both define and demonstrate the values and behaviours that the trust expects and appreciates from its colleagues. Ultimately, it had to make people stop and think about their attitudes and actions, and encourage them to be more mindful of how they could help and support each other.

“Given the time pressures inherent in the NHS and the broad audience – from medical professionals to those in operational roles such as receptionists, admin and catering staff – we recognised the need for something that had strong visual impact and minimal copy.

“After presenting a number of concepts, the trust settled on a campaign entitled, ‘Be the difference’ which featured individuals relaying examples of colleague behaviour that had a positive impact on them as they went about their work.

“Liaising closely with the comms, engagement and organisational development teams at the NCA, we identified individuals from different departments to front the campaign. Each was photographed before our designers and copywriters set to work bringing the concepts to life. They produced a suite of assets and tactical delivery ideas to enable the comms team at NCA to launch the campaign and keep it fresh and front of mind for a long period of time.”

Zoe O’Neill, head of communications and marketing at the NCA, added: “The creative execution of the values campaign created by RMS is clear and upbeat with impactful design. Its simplicity helps communicate what we want colleagues to take away from the campaign – the values that are important to them and how they live these values through their behaviours every day.

“Following the launch in December 2023, NCA colleagues are regularly quoting our values and challenging those who do not uphold them. This couldn’t have been achieved without the campaign created by RMS, which encapsulates our values in a clear, impactful and relatable way.”

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