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RealityMine acquires USA TouchPoints

RealityMine, which was set up by Apadmi CEO, Garry Partington, has announced the acquisition of USA TouchPoints.

Previously operated in America by the Media Behaviour Institute, USA TouchPoints captures data about how customers lead their lives to help with communications and marketing strategies.

Garry Partington Garry Partington

Its mobile phone-based eDiary gets participants to record their media behaviour at 30 minute intervals over a 10 day period to compile a full picture of how they use TV, radio, print, online and mobile.

Partington founded RealityMind in April 2012 to create software to collect and analyse data from mobile devices, PCs and third party data sources, so that companies can understand their customers better.

With its head office in Manchester and a presence in New York and Los Angeles, he’s expecting a turnover of £1.1m by the end of its first full financial year this month.

“Use of mobile devices to conduct market research is undoubtedly the way forward.  It’s a game changer and, whilst some of the key players within the research industry have already seen its value, others are only just beginning to realise the potential it unlocks.

“Big Data is set to become the new buzzword of 2014; it has been collected for many years but RealityMine is now taking it to the next level by generating really meaningful data. With the combination of USA TouchPoints’ e-Diary and RealityMine’s passive metering technology, we will be able to offer researchers, media planners, advertisers and buyers an unprecedented view into consumer behaviour.”

Its services are already live in 24 countries and in every continent – “except Antarctica” and through this acquisition, RealityMind hopes to establish a stronger base in the USA.

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