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Radio presenter Stephanie Hirst talks about gender reassignment surgery


Radio presenter, Stephanie Hirst, has talked exclusively to BBC Sheffield about her gender reassignment surgery.

She told the Naked Podcast how it has transformed her life and how unhappy she was living in a body which didn’t match her true gender.

Hirst explained how she felt when she was living as “Hirsty” and presenting the breakfast show on Capital FM:

“I would get home from work having had the time of my life for four hours but there’s another 20 hours in the day and I was in utter hell. I wouldn’t want to get out of bed. Now I can’t wait to get out of bed because I want to live my life.”

“I didn’t want to stop doing my job. I loved going to work in the morning, it’s what I lived for but I could no longer sit in the studio in the morning and do it.  I wasn’t being my true self.”

She told reporters Kat Harbourne and Jenny Eells how close she came to taking her own life:

“In the end it was either tits or death. I was going to kill myself several times. I’m so glad I didn’t.”

Now she presents the Stephanie Hirst Show on BBC Radio Leeds and Vinyl Revival on BBC Radio Manchester.

The Naked Podcast interview with Stephanie Hirst, together with the other Naked Podcasts, are available here.


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