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Peter Kay says sorry for Car Share closer

Peter Kay has apologised for ‘upsetting people’ with the final ever episode of Car Share, after again calling Becky Want’s show on BBC Radio Manchester.

Want’s show made national headlines yesterday when Kay phoned in to insist there would be no more episodes of the hit BBC1 comedy. Today he called again, to reflect on a final episode that saw John and Kayleigh’s love remain unrequited.

Kay said: “I’m sorry I’ve upset people. I was very upset when I did it [the final scene] and when we filmed it and every time I’ve watched it back. It was hard to film.

“We did three takes of it and we only used the first one. It was quite sad when she got out, I couldn’t believe it, it was quite strange. There was a lot of funny things in last night’s episode, everyone’s just concentrating on the ending.”

The final scene saw John and Kayleigh stuck in gridlock. When John refused to declare his love, Kayleigh got out and said: “I’m going to get out… of your car and of your life”. John eventually goes after her, climbing across the rooves of the vehicles in front- in apparent homage to the opening scene in hit film La La Land – although it turns out to have been a dream.

Kay added: “I really did it, I did climb across them, much to my wife’s disgust. Then La La land came out and I thought oh my god, it’s the same ending.

“We filmed ours last June. We had a glorious day. There’s a road in Salford called Panoma Road which has a flyover and it looks just like La La Land.”

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