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Paid puppetry placements on new BBC series courtesy of Brilliant Trees Media and Screen Manchester

Brilliant Trees Media, Screen Manchester, and BBC Children’s & Education are offering a unique opportunity to become involved in bringing an exciting new TV series to life, and are looking for applicants to join the production and work alongside an experienced team of puppeteers.

The ideal applicants will be enthusiastic about breathing life into puppets and infusing them with personality and emotion. They should also be keen to bring acting skills to convey different emotions through the movements and expressions of the puppet whose gestures and movements they will control.

A talent for mimicry and articulating words clearly through syncing the movement of the puppet’s mouth with spoken dialogue or songs is another quality the team will be looking to find at a skills training day on May 3rd 2024.

Elli Metcalfe, Screen Manchester’s crew and facilities manager, said: “We are delighted to be collaborating on this new project with the fantastic creative team at Brilliant Trees Media. This is a unique opportunity to learn from the best in puppetry and to gain a new skill that will ultimately enable successful applicants to tell stories through this much-loved art form.”

Susanna Boccaccio, director at Brilliant Trees Media, added: “We are passionate about helping create opportunities into this industry. The cast of our new TV show really are the Hollywood of the puppetry world, working on huge shows like Sesame Street, The Furchester Hotel, and Star Wars, and this is an incredible chance to work alongside and learn directly from this star studded cast. This is a brilliant example of supportive teams from across Manchester coming together to help open doors.”

If you fancy being the next Harry Corbett or Craig Schwartz, learn more and apply here.

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