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Northern Block font inspired by cancer charity

Newcastle type foundry, Northern Block, has released a new font, inspired by Maggie’s cancer charity.

Called Maggy, the studio said it would be donating all proceeds from sales of the font to the cause.

“Design can be a powerful tool. Using our creative skills to support Maggie’s and the families that use their centres is a real honour,” said Head of Brand, Donna Wearmouth.

“Having experienced Maggie’s Newcastle during my dad’s treatment, it really opened my eyes to how important breakout spaces are for families dealing with cancer. It was a welcoming and calm environment, away from the sights and sounds of a hospital ward. We could be a typical family having a cuppa and a catch-up.”

The font, which was designed by Senior Type Designer, Tasos Varipatis has been described as an “eclectic and energetic typeface,” which challenges conventional typographic norms.

“During Maggy’s conceptualisation, I considered this typeface as a canvas, where letters move between different styles and forms, yet come together in a beautiful dance,” said Varipatis.

“I ventured into uncharted territory with the design of Maggy by intentionally eschewing the conventional need for cohesive relationships between its characters. The philosophy of ‘Wabi-Sabi’ [the embrace of imperfection] is indirectly behind Maggy’s fragmented yet harmonious typographic design.”

Jonathan Hill, the founder of The Northern Block added: 

“Maggy has been designed to serve a greater good, and we hope the power of typography can help support Maggie’s, one letter at a time.”

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