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Northern Agenda cartoonist Graeme Bandeira hits a nerve with crying corgi image

Graeme Bandeira's well-received corgi image

Northern Agenda cartoonist Graeme Bandeira, formerly of the Yorkshire Post, has received hundreds of thousands of “likes” across Facebook and Twitter for his image of a crying corgi, created as a tribute to Queen Elizabeth II.

Bandeira posted the first image on social media following the Queen’s passing last Thursday, with a second picture following in the Northern Agenda newsletter.

The Queen, who the Harrogate-based illustrator described as a “remarkable woman,” owned several corgis during her life and was survived by two – Sandy and Muick, as well as a dorgi (a corgi/dachshund cross) called Candy and cocker spaniel Lissy.

Bandeira told the BBC: “I suppose the nature of my job is that images can go viral, but this simplistic image of a corgi nestling on a royal cushion, if I’m honest I didn’t think it would attract so much attention.

“It’s sending the message out there that we’re all paying our respects in different ways. It’s very sad.”

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