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North East student film wins Amazon Prime slot

Tinseltown cast at the films premiere

Student film Tinseltown, which was created with a crew predominantly from Northumbria University, has won a 2023 release on Amazon Prime after growing exponentially from its origins as an eight-minute short.

The project evolved into a grander project from its initial origins, eventually clocking in at 36 minutes and catching the attention of Amazon’s programmers in the process.

The film is now gearing up for a festival run which will then be followed by an Amazon Prime release next year.

Tinseltown was written and directed by Northumbria University graduate Jacob Stockton, and focuses on wannabe actor Jake Dunham (Harrison Emmonds) finding himself trapped inside his own mind because of mental health issues, caused as a result of his loneliness and his two imaginary friends ‘David’ (Craig Pearson) and ‘Teresa’ (Brad Oliver).

“It still hasn’t quite hit me yet that we’ve actually managed to pull this film off. I can certainly say the film really is something special. I am proud of the cast, the producers, the editors, the sound designer, the behind-the-scenes videographer, and the photographer. They were very talented and brave to take on this challenge. Their loyalty was unmeasurable and I have made friends for life,” said Stockton.


Tinseltown’s trailer

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