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New app launched to help relieve tradespeople of payment disputes


A Lancashire-based entrepreneur has launched Kiistone, a mobile and desktop app designed to help tradespeople run their businesses more effectively.

Tim Mullock has launched the app, which is intended to help protect both those in trade as well as customers, by letting both parties agree on both specs and budgets via the app. The platform also ensures that payment is protected and held independently and released upon agreement by both client and service provider.

CEO of Kiistone, Tim Mullock, said: “My experience of being a British tradesperson over the last 20 years has shown me both the good and the not so good that the industry has to offer, and the biggest issue that we’ve still got today is a lack of trust between the customer and the trade.

“Customers who have watched programmes such as ‘Rogue Traders’ have begun to treat tradespeople with a certain level of distrust. While it’s undeniable that there are some cowboys out there, professional tradespeople often find themselves tarred with the same brush, which doesn’t make for good customer relationships.

“On the flipside, tradespeople can experience lack of understanding from customers or unrealistic expectations, which can lead to disputes over final invoices. The Kiistone app has been designed to provide a professional solution for both parties, providing absolute clarity to customers at all stages of the project and ensuring fair payment for the job delivered.

“The aim of the app in the long term is to build a community of tradespeople who take pride in their profession and who understand the value for everyone in modernising the industry. Kiistone’s ultimate goal is to be a gamechanger for the industry, to reinstate pride and quality in British trades, and to represent a new benchmark in professional standards.”

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