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Mums in the Know heads to city centre following acquisition

Mums in the Know has moved into a new office space in Manchester city centre, following its acquisition by Lifestyle Media.

It continues to be headed up by founders Dawn Hayes and Alex Uprichard, but plans for “rapid growth” have seen it move into an 8-desk office in Manchester Business Park.

“Working from home obviously fit in very well with our family commitments, which was absolutely essential when we started out.  However, with our continued growth and recent partnership with Lifecycle Marketing, we decided that now the time was right to establish an office base.  Now, we have a professional, conveniently-located base that our central team can use on a flexible basis,” explained Hayes.

The pair set the business in 2012 and have a team of 70 “remotely based consultants” working across a network of local websites.

Through the deal with Emma’s Diary owners, Lifecycle Media, they hope to have more than 300 sites by the end of this year.

“We’re aiming to have full network coverage by the end of the year,” added Uprichard.

“We could never have predicted how fast we’ve grown over the past couple of years and similarly can’t plan for where we’ll be in the next six months so it’s a massive advantage to know that we can take on extra space as necessary with the minimum amount of hassle.”


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