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Lucre Group’s “noise cancelling” rebrand to GOLD79


The Lucre Group has rebranded to mark its “renewed independence” and next phase of development.

Now called GOLD79 it will combine The Lucre Group and its content team.

Lucre and Rich were acquired by Audience Collective in 2021, but Lucre returned to the ownership of the previous management team earlier this year.

“The Lucre Group has never stopped evolving over our many years of success, under the guidance of Founders Tamarind Wilson-Flint and Sophie Spyropoulos, and as GOLD79, the three of us will continue to drive the business forward,” said Owner & Group Managing Director, Rhona Templer.

“We strive to deliver exceptional work every day and our prevailing mantra, the ‘best or don’t bother’, sits firmly at our core. So when we talk about GOLD79, we have big ambitions to live up to.” 

The Leeds agency explained the origins of the name: “Gold is one of the most highly valued minerals on earth, while 79 represents the purest of all gold – exquisite, rare, and above all, valuable.”

With the new name comes a new proposition based around a “noise cancelling approach” to communications:

“Communication specialists aren’t the only ones living in an increasingly noisy world – clients and customers are too,” continued Templer.

“With 328.77 million terabytes of data created each day, content fatigue is inevitable and brands must produce nothing short of pure gold to succeed in cutting through the noise. We are excited to introduce our new proposition to current and future clients and truly help brands to focus on the meaningful.”

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