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‘Loyalty is dead’ ad featuring Ryan Giggs’ brother is banned

Rhodri Giggs

A Paddy Power advert featuring Ryan Giggs’ brother Rhodri has been banned for glamourising gambling.

The ‘Loyalty is Dead’ campaign poked fun at the fact the former Manchester United footballer had had a well-publicised affair with his brother’s wife and featured Rhodri as the face of the Paddy Power Rewards Club.

Rhodri Giggs told viewers he had always “lived a loyal life”, through activities such as always drinking at the same pub, going to the same gym and sticking with the same brand of tea bags, but that his fortunes had been transformed by becoming an “ambassador” for the Reward Club.

“Loyalty gets you nowhere, live for rewards instead,” he said. The ad then showed him rejecting his usual pint of bitter and ordering champagne instead. At the end he drove off in a sports car while thanking the bookmaker as he patted the bodywork.

The Advertising Standards Authority received five complaints that the ad was irresponsible for suggesting gambling was a way to achieve a better standard of life. Paddy Power said Giggs was not shown betting and that the car, with the number plate “Ambassador Car”, was not obtained through betting.

“We considered [the ad] created the impression that Rhodri was no longer defined by the alleged affair and that he had moved past his ‘loyalty’ and was now reaping the rewards,” the ASA said.

“The ad implied viewers should follow his example, and that their route to doing so was joining Paddy Power’s Rewards Club. We considered the ad implied gambling was a way to achieve financial security and improved self-image, and we concluded the ad was irresponsible.”

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