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London’s Molinare Creative Group opens Liverpool post facility

Molinare Creative Group is expanding outside of London to open a postproduction facility at Liverpool’s Innovation Park.

Notorious DIT, the company’s DIT and LAB division, will be the first to come to the North West, followed by additional services, including offline editorial, ADR and finishing post production services. 

It will provide DIT, data management, LAB and on-set and near-set services for productions filming locally in the region.

Molinare said that it was part of a “larger strategy” to strengthen its ties outside of London and support regional film and television productions in the North of England.

“Notorious DIT is a born and bred Newcastle company with a legacy of working across the Northwest,” said Michael Pentney, Managing Director, Notorious DIT.

“Setting up a permanent hub is an important moment for us, it feels like we’re coming home. Not only are we able to provide a more consistent service, having a presence in Liverpool means we can cultivate talent and be a positive part of change. This is an exciting time, and I can’t wait to get fully immersed into our new Northern family.”

The company said it would also be working with Liverpool Film Office to increase opportunities for local talent, ultimately to set up final post training facilities, nurturing local talent and real world experience.

“We are thrilled to welcome the Oscar and BAFTA award-winning Molinare Creative Group to Liverpool, in what is their first base outside of London,” said Lynn Saunders, Head of Liverpool Film Office.

“This is fantastic news not only for the film, TV and gaming industries but for the Liverpool City Region as a whole, as this move will undoubtedly attract a new wave of investment and provide a much-welcomed boost to the local economy.

“Together with the Molinare team we will be working closely and exploring opportunities for new entrants and established crew to develop and nurture their skills to assist in our aim of creating a more diverse and inclusive screen workforce in the Liverpool City Region.”

Nigel Bennett, CEO, Molinare Creative Group added:

“There is a great wealth of talent, facilities, and landscape beyond that of the M25. Whilst London, and specifically the impressive streets off Carnaby Street, have been Molinare’s home for over 50 years – there is so much more of England that we as an industry should be utilising and exploring. Lynn and her team at Liverpool Film Office have done an incredible job of building a vibrant film and TV industry in Liverpool, and with their impressive growth plans, I’m excited to be on this journey with them.

“Since joining Molinare, I have always endeavoured to create as diverse workforce as possible. However, it can’t be denied that cost of living in London has always been prohibitive in hiring people from different socioeconomic backgrounds. As we continue to embrace the regions, we continue to provide opportunities and develop talent around the UK, which is something I couldn’t be prouder of.”

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