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London ‘Scottish scran’ shop sells out of Irn Bru and Tennent’s on opening weekend

The Auld Hag, a new shop in London’s Angel specialising in “Scottish Scran,” only opened its doors last Friday, and it’s already sold out of Irn Bru and Tennent’s.

Taking to Instagram after a hectic opening weekend, the Auld Hag reasonably noted: “What a mental few days that was.”

It wasn’t only two of Scotland’s biggest brands that were flying out of the door – the Auld Hag also sold out of its home-baked Tattie Scones, and assured customers: “I just wanted to say we’re baking everything we can, we’ve got one oven and everyone’s working hard. I’ll never compromise quality over quantity and I know pretty much all of you totally get that so thank you.”

On the pressing issue of the Tennent’s and Irn Bru, the shop swiftly went through three kegs and “all the cans” of the fine Scottish ale by Saturday night, with the Irn Bru following soon after.

By most metrics the opening weekend was a success, although there was one down side for owner Gregg Boyd, who added on Instagram: “We had a few negative comments about selling out early on the stories, some with quite a big presence – I’m the kind of person to let that get to me even if it’s 1% of comments.”

Looking ahead, however, Boyd expects everyone to be able to get hold of all their favourites again soon, whether big brands or home baking: “We’re going to open Wednesday to Saturday in the short term and add more days,” the Insta post went on. “I need to build up logistics so we can open more days – it’s not easy getting stuff sent down from the Hebrides and Orkney. It’ll happen though so bare with me.”

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