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Liverpool studio Uniform unveils new three-company structure


Design studio Uniform has revealed its new structure, launching new companies Continuous and Somewhere under the umbrella of the newly formed Uniform Group.

In the process it has appointed a new Executive Chairman, FJ Rutjies, and stated its intention to begin a trail of acquisitions.

Newly formed Uniform Group will now encompass the new brands, with separate market focuses. Continuous will be a brand consultancy working with Primark, innocent, Amtico and Ideal Standard, while Somewhere will be a creative agency for property and place.

A number of role changes have been announced as part of this – Co-founder of Uniform Nick Howe becomes Uniform Group CEO, Michelle Ford becomes COO, Stephen Ardern is made MD of Continuous, Tim Sharp becomes ECD of Continuous, while Co-founder Nick Bentley becomes MD of Somewhere, and Laurie Jones is Creative Director of Somewhere.

The group has hired Mark Errington to take up the position of Head of Experience at Continuous.

Nick Howe, CEO of Uniform Group, said: “This is the logical next step in the Uniform journey. We have never stood still and we’ll always be evolving. Our ambition is to build a new independent group, a perfectly formed, modern family of creative businesses that work together and independently on some of the most exciting projects globally.

“After 22 year in business, we saw an opportunity to create something even more special. I’m as excited about the next five years as I was back in 1998 when we founded the business, and I believe what we have been working on is more relevant now than ever. Clients’ needs are changing and the industry is changing too.”

Nick Bentley, MD at Somewhere, said: “This is an exciting time for our team. We have seen huge changes in the visualisation market over the past five years, and our move to build Somewhere as a leading creative agency for property and place is aligned with how our clients needs are evolving.

“We’ll continue to deliver amazing CG content which we’re already well known for, now with the broader capability to develop exciting strategic and experiential ideas and outputs with an even wider reach.”

Stephen Ardern, MD for Continuous, added: “Clients are looking to bring more skills in house and are looking to agencies for more strategic support, to help them respond to what is happening right now as well as plan for what is coming next.

“The new focused offer from Continuous supports this shift, and we have already seen this play out in our long term relationships with the likes of Primark and Ideal Standard. We’re taking a more agile approach to delivery, working with a selected roster of specialist partners and I am delighted to announce our latest client Ad Gefrin will benefit from our focussed offer.”

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