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Liverpool platform signs staff contract in Metaverse


The CEO of Liverpool’s Videosign has signed a staff contract in the Metaverse.

Steven Tallant wanted to show that his platform could be used to improve security in the virtual world as he signed Jack Moore’s new contract of employment.

“As software developers we love technology, so it was fun to meet Jack in the Metaverse and show how our platform can help to improve security when doing business in the virtual world,” he explained.

“We developed Videosign because we could see that the growing use of electronic signature was open to abuse, and that businesses and consumers need robust ways of witnessing and evidencing documents that are signed remotely.

“The Metaverse is in its infancy, but it seems likely that doing business in the virtual world will eventually become as commonplace as video calls have become in recent years.

“That presents additional security risks when signing documents, but Videosign’s ability to verify the real person behind a digital avatar has the potential to reduce fraud and contract disputes.”

The software uses AI facial recognition to verify the identity of the document signatories and they then join an online meeting through their web browser.

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