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Leeds agency launches Tokenisation service for cross-team and cross-platform collaboration

Guy Utley and Behrooz Saeed of Tall

Digital agency Tall has rolled out a new Tokenisation solution for clients, which aims to streamline collaboration, save money, reduce errors, and speed up time to market.

Tall says it’s the first agency in the North of England to launch a team focused on Tokenisation, which places digital tokens across design and development systems, allowing values such as colour to be amended consistently.

The service, which has successfully been implemented by a number of firms in London, including Vanquis Bank, means consistency across UI, the more efficient management of design systems, and better communication between design and development.

“The benefits of using digital tokens in a business which has multiple brands and teams are immense,” said Guy Utley, Founder and Creative Director of Tall.

“It enables marketing teams, designers and developers to collaborate more effectively, and means that there is one single source of truth across the whole company, so errors are reduced significantly. Clients can specify a change and it can be changed instantly across every part of their digital echo system instantly.

“Large companies can have dozens of legal templates, and terms and conditions on websites. By using tokenisation, firms can guarantee that every instance of a change has been made, which is crucial if regulatory wording needs to be amended.”


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