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Investors back lockdown-inspired business growth platform


A new platform which brings 4 random business people together, to network online, has received more than £100k in backing from private investors.

Meeow was founded by two Yorkshire entrepreneurs, who are using the crowdfunding investment to create their own bespoke, stand-alone platform in February next year.

Chris Rabbitt, the Sales Director of One Red Kite and and Simon Glenn, the former Creative Director of Shear Bespoke came up with the idea during lockdown, when face-to-face networking ground to a halt.

“Meeow is a step-change in business networking, bringing the industry out of the dark ages and into an exciting new era,” explained Rabbitt.

“2020 has changed the way everyone in business works and our investors have recognised that networking has evolved and won’t go back to the way it was.

“Many small and medium-sized businesses solely rely on networking to market themselves to potential new clients and Meeow has already proved successful with a launch into the lucrative US market.”

The concept of bringing together 4 random people is intended to help businesses make new connections and seek advice.

“The power of networking cannot be under-estimated and Meeow unlocks that power to help clients grow their business, and in a very cost-effective way,” added Glenn.

“Since our launch on the BETA network in July 2020 we have grown from offering four meeows a week to over 35 meeows a week, only limited by the capacity of the BETA network.

“Demand for our service has grown significantly but as a result of this technology limit our waiting times to book a meeow have lengthened too.

“In order for us to meet this demand and maximise our potential in the marketplace we need our own stand-alone and bespoke platform which can offer unlimited growth and reach across the globe.

“The £150,000 investment will facilitate the creation of the platform and immediately expand the network capacity.”

Meeow aims for a minimum of 10,000 users by the end of 2021.

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