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Hull students star in doc for political literacy advocates I Have a Voice

With election fever all around us, Manchester-based filmmaker Danny Mounsey has produced and directed a new documentary for political literacy advocates I Have A Voice (IHAV).

Listen: How to Talk Politics follows a three-week course created by IHAV where A-Level students at Wyke College in Hull create a campaign based on political issues they care about. The film demonstrates how the classroom is a microcosm of society filled with individuals with an array of personalities, opinions and ideas.

It tells the story of how, when forced to come together in a controlled environment centred around education, students can pick up the skills to campaign, debate constructively and think with an open mind.

Mounsey said: “It was really interesting to witness, we didn’t set anything up yet we still watched the classroom act as a microcosm of society where people with varying views and perspectives came together to debate in a healthy manner, I think the film is strong example of the importance of political literacy.”

The film was also recently featured on BBC News show The Context, and is available to watch on the More – Explainers and Documentaries YouTube channel:

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