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Healthtech brief to make the world “a happier and healthier place”


Eva Health Technologies has joined forces with Manchester-based Godel as it seeks to revolutionise how the NHS engages with and supports people.

The company was established with a mission to “make the world a happier and healthier place” and Godel’s role will be to scale and evolve its Medical Record SaaS platform.

“The product we will be building with Godel is business critical and the quality needs to be best in class,” said Philip Gilgunn, CTO at Eva Health Technologies.

“We feel that the Godel team have demonstrated their ability to deliver to this requirement. We have a great opportunity for the software we are building, and we are keen to get new features to market as soon as possible. We know Godel will help us to be agile and scale up fast.”

Gilgunn also explained why they had outsourced, rather than employing an in-house team:

“Implementing a flexible team structure suits our business and tech goals, and we have plans to continue to hire in-house. However, the high demand for developers in the UK made it challenging to recruit cost-effectively and to the extent we need. When looking for an external partner, it was important that we chose someone who would support business growth but also offer cultural similarities and geographical proximity, which is the value you get from a nearshore partner.

“Having worked with Godel at a previous business, I was already aware of their integrated way of working, which will give us a better, more cohesive service. Godel is providing the bridge we need in order to bring expertise and skills to the team that would have previously taken longer to hire and train directly. We also needed a partner that truly understood what it is we’re trying to achieve and Godel’s experience of UK healthcare gave us confidence that they will support us as we strive to deliver genuine social impact in our market.”

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