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Harrogate Water goes “avant-garde” with Chilli


Chilli has designed new ‘daring and disruptive’ packaging for Harrogate Water.

The Leeds-based design agency created the brightly coloured shrink-wrap design for its retail multipacks.

“When contemplating a new design, we could see that the beverage shelves abound with confidence and colour, but mostly from fizzy drinks. Our mission from the outset was to break-the-mould, to create something visually stunning and innovative, that would provide standout appeal and allow us to mix it up a little,” explained brand manager Nicky Cain.

“The result is both striking and avant-garde. The eye-catching design exudes confidence and adds a bit of fun into the mix too, whilst remaining firmly rooted in the history of the brand, which is extremely important to us.

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The imagery uses elements of the Turkish-inspired patterns from Harrogate’s Royal Baths, which are also used on the Harrogate Spring labels. However, the pattern was “redrawn, deconstructed and rescaled to create an abstract bolder visual.”

“When considering the creation of a new visual identity for the packaging, we wanted a modern aesthetic style that retained a symbolic connection with the brand’s history and authenticity,” added Andy Heap from Chilli.

“We took our cues from the original Royal Baths pattern used on the bottle label, with the aim of creating something adventurous and forward-thinking, while also reflective of the brand’s illustrious spa story, underling the brand values and attitude of Harrogate Water.”

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