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Harley Davidson-backed e-bike brands with Manchester studio


Serial 1, a Harley Davidson-backed e-bike, has appointed Ensemble as it prepares for further growth.

“The Serial 1 project comes at a very interesting time in their life as a brand, with a new range of product in development and an established presence within all of Harley’s European sites, they’re poised to push on within an exciting sector,” explained Martin James Power, co-founder of Ensemble.

The ebike company was set up in 2018 by Harley Davidson and has since gained greater autonomy, although it is still “powered” by the motorcycle manufacturer. Its products are also manufactured at its Milwaukee HQ.

Power, who co-founded Ensemble with Steve Waring said that this was one of a “host” of new global projects they’d won, including Boeing’s innovation accelerator, Aerospace Xelerated and H&M Groups.

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