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Godel to deliver digital upgrade for Network Digital Marketing

Godel will support Network Digital Marketing (NDM) deliver an enhanced technology platform with the objective of helping key workers save money and improve their financial wellbeing.

NDM runs discount schemes across the health, care, education and charity sectors, allowing their 3.3m members access to free discounts and cashback at huge high street brands.

For over 20 years, NDM’s focus has been centred on connecting brands and members and making their member’s money go further. Now looking to accelerate the digital services they offer, NDM will introduce new features that will increase the trust in their schemes from both Network’s partners and members.

Simon Rowe, technology and product director at NDM, said: “In order to speed up the evolution of Network’s technology platform, we wanted to implement and deliver a technical roadmap that would sustain a pace which is in line with overall business growth. The missing piece of the puzzle was a partner that would provide the technical expertise and governance we required.

“We chose Godel to help drive this roadmap, be a partner of true collaboration and bring incremental value to the business in what they deliver. I also wanted the partnership to be like an extension of our internal team, whilst utilising the technical expertise a partner the size and reputation of Godel offers.”

NDM will be kickstarting a range of technology strategies over the coming months that the Godel team will be part of. These strategies will bring significant improvements in the experience members are offered across all channels, from the introduction of AI-based recommendations and personalised digital experiences, simplified access to the scheme’s free cashback card, to mobile channel improvement and beyond.

Rowe added: “We plan to deliver a Digital Acceleration strategy that will allow us to take more radical steps towards modernising both the member experience and the technology stack that delivers it, allowing us to harness the power of AI. A key enabler of our Digital Acceleration strategy will be the productising of our offer catalogue into a suite of consumable APIs and services, supporting syndication of our offer catalogue across our current and any future channels.

“By implementing these strategies, we expect to improve acquisition and conversion rates, and boost retention by consistently presenting personalised offers and experiences to our members. The end goal of these initiatives will also be to improve the trust and loyalty in our member schemes, from both a member and partner perspective, which will ultimately deliver a broader range of competitive discounts for our members, helping their money go even further in this challenging economic climate.”

Gareth Ainsworth, CEO at Godel, added: “Already, this is a strong partnership built on foundations of collaboration and shared values between our organisations, and I look forward to seeing how this relationship grows over time as we help to deliver NDM’s roadmap in improving their platform and bringing substantial benefits to their members.”

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