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Games publisher Playdemand moves to MediaCityUK


Games publisher Playdemand has moved its operations from Bolton to The Landing at MediaCityUK.

The company, which designs and develops social and mobile games, was founded in 2011 and is backed by former owner David Atherton.

CEO Noel Boland said The Landing’s “super-fast internet connections and advanced training capabilities” had been a factor in the decision.

“We anticipate that working alongside other like-minded businesses will help the development of a digital ecosystem, driving innovation and further growth,” he added.

bubble Playdemand game Bubble Raider

Playdemand is backed by entrepreneur David Atherton, former owner of business Its games include Bubble Raider and Diner Life.

Boland, a chartered accountant with over 10 years’ experience working in the games industry, and Atherton also plan to help neighbouring businesses in MediaCityUK identify available tax and grant relief.

Boland added: “The government now support British companies that produce culturally British games and films; this tax relief is long overdue but very welcome and means British companies are able to compete on a level footing with foreign subsidised counterparts.”

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