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Games industry could move outside of UK in case of No Deal or “Hard Brexit”


A games industry group has released a 51 page report looking at the impact of a No Deal or Hard Brexit.

G4EU is a pressure group in favour of staying within the European Union and its research has enlisted the help of lawyers and specialists from across the industry.

The UK is the 5th largest game market in the world in terms of consumer revenues (£5.11bn) and around 47k people are employed in the industry.

According to the report a no deal or hard Brexit would lead to:

  • Increased uncertainty and bureaucracy, “driving up costs and impeding day to day business”;
  • Products and services will be “more expensive, harder to access, or delayed”;
  • UK-based businesses will “in whole or part” be compelled to relocate to the EU to comply with trade access and rules;
  • Loss of consumer rights – refund/return and EU mobile data roaming;
  • Cultural diminishment – a negative impact on the “industry’s values of community.”

Games4U was established to support “peaceful, meaningful action to remain within the EU” and to “demonstrate the harm that Brexit will do to our sector.”

Theresa May says that her Brexit deal will give the UK an “independent trade policy” for the “first time in more than four decades.” She is also expected to tell the G20 summit that it will mean a “time of unprecedented global inter-connectedness.”

However, it still faces opposition from Labour, which says a better deal could be done. The Prime Minister is also facing opposition within her own party, with some saying it was a “non-Brexit Brexit.

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