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Fox launches PR Academy with new hire


Fox Agency is to set up a PR Academy as it aims to “set a precedent” for recruitment, training and retaining tech PR talent.

It will be led by its new Senior PR Director, Natalie Trice. Trice has 25 years’ of PR experience, working with brands such as Epson, HP, CNN and Nortel. She has also been a PR coach and visiting lecturer as well as authoring PR School: A Masterclass in Publicity for You and Your Business.

“Having started my career in the world of technology 24 years ago, Fox Agency’s focus on global B2B tech feels like I have come full circle and am back doing what I love – putting tech in the spotlight,” she said.

“As well as working with some great brands, it is exciting to be part of a team of incredibly talented women who are forging careers in tech PR, and I’m confident that the Fox Agency training program we have created will set an industry blueprint. As the agency continues to grow and the world of technology advances further, I’m looking forward to seeing where this journey takes the team and the clients we represent.”

David Clare, Head of PR at Fox Agency added:

“Natalie’s vast PR experience, combined with coaching and mentoring skills, will allow her to further build our fast-growing team which now includes Hannah Syers, Senior PR Manager, and Eloise McCormack, our newest PR Executive. While there is no doubt we have been operating in challenging times, the growth in our team reflects significant wins over the past 12-months.”


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