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Former Sale Shark Jonny Kennedy launches Neubria brand body and mind supplements

Jonny Kennedy

Former Sale Shark Jonny Kennedy, whose rugby career was cut short aged just 21 following multiple concussions, has teamed up with Refinery to launch mind and body supplements brand Neubria.

The Neubria range of vitamins and supplements offers support for optimal daily performance, targeted solutions for specific states (e.g., sleep, focus, energy) and everyday essential multivitamins, all of which are developed to support users physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Kennedy played for Sale Sharks between 2007-2011, and is the son of former club owner Brian Kennedy. He has developed Neubria due to an absence of clear nutritional support for those interested in both their physiological and cognitive health.

The Altrincham-headquartered business has sourced input from experts in the fields of neuroscience, human performance, pharmacy, and nutrition. This ensures its vitamins and supplements are not only scientifically grounded, but more importantly they are botanically based, utilising the cognitive and body-boosting power of nature in their formulas.

Refinery is providing initial support across brand strategy, PR, social media, and content creation, with an ATL strategy being developed with partner agencies.

Neubria has now launched in the UK with national listings in both Holland & Barrett and Lloyds Pharmacy, as well as a growing international business.

Kennedy said: “As a professional rugby player, it’s obvious you’d spend a lot of time working on your physical strength and health,. And supplements that go with this are all geared towards building muscle or helping recover from an intense workout session. It’s very different now, but at the time, there was very little focus, if any, given to mental or emotional wellness.

“Having suffered with mental health during my career, after retirement, and having lost former teammates and friends to suicide, I believe to perform at our absolute best, we must nurture our minds, as well as our bodies, and that’s been the focus for Neubria since day one.”

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