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Flight Story appoints Creative Director


Steven Barlett’s new marketing consultancy, Flight Story, has appointed Anoopreet Rehncy as its Creative Director.

Rehncy is a former consumer equities specialist, before founding her own fashion brand, A Black and White Story, which earned her a place on Forbes’ 30 under 30 list in 2017.

Since then she’s worked as an Investment Manager at Seek Ventures and across Investor Communications at Primary Bid.

At Flight Story her role will be to establish “dynamic creative strategies” and to bring “data-driven rigour” to the creative process.

“With a deep understanding of the world of retail investor relations, and the gaps which need bridging between this investing community and public markets, I am beyond excited to be joining Flight Story as Creative Director during such an exciting stage of growth,” she explained.

“As Creative Director, I will be bringing creative strategy to the brands we work with to help foster and strengthen retail investor relations, something which has to date been overlooked in the world of finance.” 

The company was set up former Social Chain duo, Bartlett and Oliver Yonchev to provide “social-first investor relations” and to bridge the gap between brand communications and investor relations.

“Flight Story is here to reshape the world of investor relations, by tapping into the world of retail investors with a new strategic approach for clients, which has traditionally been overlooked,” said Bartlett.

“Part of this approach includes welcoming creative and financial minds, like Annopreet, in a role where she will piece together how Flight Story engages the community of real investors. ” 

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