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“Fitbit for manufacturing” launched by FourJaw in association with The Curve


Tech startup FourJaw Manufacturing Analytics – which grew out of the University of Sheffield’s globally recognised Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC) – has launched the Manufacturing Execution System, dubbed the “Fitbit for manufacturing”.

The system is now being tested with Yorkshire companies and is designed to help UK manufacturers improve productivity by unlocking Computer Numerical Control (CNC) data and insights.

FourJaw has worked with The Curve, the Sheffield-based tech company, to develop an app to present the data and ensure usability and optimisation of user experience. The Curve provides businesses with technical solutions that help them succeed, and employs more than 100 people in Sheffield.

Chris Iveson, Founder and CEO of FourJaw Manufacturing Analytics, said: “Many manufacturing companies are struggling to understand what is happening on their shop floors because performance is difficult to measure in any detail.

“This is why we have developed our offering as Software as a Service, which will mean firms adopt accessible data without a huge upfront cost.”  

Robin Hartley, Founder and CTO of FourJaw Manufacturing Analytics, added: “It’s common to find average machine utilisations of around 50% across all machines on a manufacturer’s shop floor, which makes locating a troublesome component on an individual machine a difficult task.

“The system which we have developed is a massive opportunity to augment the technical excellence of UK manufacturers with the world-beating productivity that modern technology enables.”

Paul Ridgway, CEO of The Curve, said: “Productivity in the current market is key to the viability of any business, helping free up resource, lower costs and ultimately beat competitors.

“The analytic solutions FourJaw are providing are incredibly important and it’s been fantastic to help make this accessible to the market and to help them in their journey of establishing their business.”

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