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The ‘everyday sexism’ experienced by TV and radio journalists

NUJA survey of more than 200 female journalists has found those working in TV and radio are paid less and are less likely to be promoted than male colleagues.

In evidence to a House of Lords inquiry, the National Union of Journalists surveyed 227 female members and found that women working in broadcast find sexist attitudes prevalent in the workplace.

The NUJ also revealed that despite broadcasters’ commitments to equality, women working in the industry still faced incidents of ‘everyday sexism.’

The survey also disclosed unequal pay rates and women being overlooked for promotion and more likely to be given ‘softer’ stories.

NUJ equality officer Lena Calvert, said: “Our survey of members shows that in many ways broadcasting has become an easier environment for women to work in and many can enjoy a good career, but there is still a worryingly high level of sexist behaviour in newsrooms and studios.”

“It is staggering to learn that women are being paid less than their male colleagues when doing exactly the same job. It is an appalling state of affairs that parts of the industry are still seen as a boys’ club where women find their promotion and progression blocked.“

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