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Emperor enters strategic partnership with leading Indian comms consultancy


Employee-owned creative communications agency Emperor has announced a strategic partnership with AICL Communications, India’s leading stakeholder communications consultancy.

Emperor, which runs its Northern operations from its Central Manchester office, will gain inside access to one of the world’s fastest-growing, and fifth biggest, markets through the alliance, which will support international businesses to connect with their investors, employees, and customers through world-class communications.

Emperor and AICL are leveraging their leading market positions in the UK and India to develop an effective cross-border offer, utilising their specialist in-house talent to deliver expert capabilities in corporate communications to businesses across the world.

The partnership will see Emperor and AICL collaborate to offer 360-degree corporate communications services, including ESG consultancy, annual reporting, investor outreach, employee engagement and brand communications, together with outstanding digital delivery.

The alliance will benefit clients through greater international insight, while presenting opportunities for talent development and shared resourcing. With cross-functional collaboration and information sharing, Emperor and AICL will support businesses to connect with global audiences across time zones.

Emperor hopes this will be “the first step in the creation of an international network of some of the very best owner-managed and employee-owned businesses, underpinned with the belief that by working together, better client outcomes can be achieved now and into the future.”

Steve Kemp, Founder and Partner at Emperor said: “I have watched AICL grow with admiration over the past 18 years to become India’s dominant stakeholder reporting consultancy. During this this time we have compared notes on all manner of topics and thematics. Our strategic partnership will provide many opportunities as our world becomes ever flatter, with our clients facing the same communications challenges.”

Arvind Agrawal, Founder and CEO at AICL Communications, said: “I greatly admire Emperor’s growth journey, and value Steve’s counsel. With common values, experience and complementing skills, we are excited about the benefits this partnership will bring our clients and the opportunities it presents for our people. Despite operating in different jurisdictions, we share much common ground, both in what we do and how we operate.”

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