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Edge45 celebrates Yorkshire Day with search data deep dive

Yorkshire searches

To celebrate the annual Yorkshire Day, the SEO team at York digital search agency Edge45 have delved into what internet users worldwide are looking for when they search for the self-annointed ‘God’s-own county.’

The team found that monthly, there are over 140,000 monthly global queries about Yorkshire, with Yorkshire puddings, Yorkshire terriers and Yorkshire tea among the most common areas of interest.

More than half of all global questions, or 55 per cent, were about Yorkshire Puds, with the figure slightly higher at 56 per cent within the UK. Questions ranged from genral recipes to more speciifc questions around types of flour and vegan alternatives.

Interestingly, the delicacies were most sought after in the Anglophone world, with 52 per cent of Australian Yorkshire searched relating to the puds, and 36 per cent of US queries. In Germany they managed only eight per cent of queries, while they barely registered in cuisine-conscious France.

For the French, Yorkshire terriers were the main draw, with 92 per cent of queries relating the yappy fur balls, a figure shared in Germany. The dogs also landed second spot in the US with 29 per cent of searches, but only two per cent of UK searches were dedicated to the canine companions.

TV clearly played its part in driving searches too, with Our Yorkshire Farm and Yorkshire Tea, which recently launched a new campaign featuring Patrick Stewart, both placing high, particularly in English speaking countries, while the activities of the infamous Yorkshire Ripper took a less wholesome fourth place globally, rising to second in Australia.

The most common searches on this topic included who he was (gravedigger Peter Sutcliffe), how many people he killed (at least 22), where he lived (Bingley, West Riding of Yorkshire) and what happened to him (he died in 2020).

Edge45 is a York-based Digital Marketing Agency, with a combined 150-years of experience among its senior team. It aims to engineer the greatest profits for businesses across the country using its digital know-how.







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