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DM Digital and LFC TV in breach of Ofcom code


Ofcom has delivered a stern rebuke to DM Digital over the Manchester-based TV channel’s handling of a complaint about its daily phone-in show.

Last December a viewer complained that the channel, which is aimed primarily at an Asian audience, gave “life-changing advice to callers” during an edition Chal Sitaroon Ki, translated as ‘Actions of Stars’.

During the programme viewers are invited by the presenter to call a premium rate telephone line to have their horoscopes read.

Ofcom’s broadcasting code specifically states that “demonstrations of exorcism, the occult, the paranormal, divination, or practices related to any of these must not contain life-changing advice directed at individuals”, defined as advice “upon which they could reasonably act of rely about health, finance, employment or relationships”.

Ofcom revealed that DM Digital did not comply with a request for a recording of the programme until three days after the deadline, and also failed to respond to a subsequent request for an explanation.

DM Digital was therefore found to be twice in breach of its licence for its delay in providing recordings, and Ofcom also noted three previous similar breaches.

Ofcom stated that the further licence breaches “raises further signicant concerns about the effectiveness of its compliance procedures”.


The regulator also found Liverpool FC’s TV station LFC TV to be in breach of the code in exceeding the amount of advertising allowed in one hour.

On December 20 it was found that the subscription channel transmitted over three minutes more advertising than the amount permitted, the latest in a series of similar breaches.

Although Liverpool blamed human error and said it had now tightened up its procedures, Ofcom ruled it was “particularly concerned that despite previous repeated assurances by LFC TV, its revised procedures have not proved sufficiently robust to prevent a further breach”.

Ofcom has therefore requested a meeting with LFC TV to discuss its compliance processes.

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