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Dates announced for 20th Bradford International Film Festival


The 20th Bradford International Film Festival will take place between 27th March and 6th April next year, with a Widescreen Weekend from the 10th to 13th April.

Running in partnership with Virgin Media, Festival organisers have already confirmed the UK premiere of Gabe Klinger’s debut film, Double Play: James Benning and Richard Linklater. It won best documentary in the Venice Classics section of the Venice Film Festival earlier this month and charts the friendship of filmmakers Benning and Linklater over the course of a few days in Texas.

“At a certain point in Double Play, Benning suggests that duration in cinema reveals meaning. This is apparent, though manifested differently, in both Benning and Linklater’s films,” stated Klinger.

“In Benning, there’s on-screen duration—shots that can last anywhere from seconds to hours. In Linklater, duration occurs most interestingly between films (e.g. the Before trilogy). The latter idea also exists in Benning’s remakes of his and others’ works. Cinema can make time explicit or invisible or ambiguous. In our lives, however, time only moves one way. Double Play explores the marks of time, of duration, not only in Benning and Linklater’s respective filmic bodies, but also in their friendship and lives.”

Double Play: James Benning and Richard Linklater [FESTIVAL TRAILER] from Gabe Klinger on Vimeo.

Benning is also being lined up as a guest for the Festival as part of the Unchartered States of America strand – he’s the most represented director in the section’s history. Next year will be no different, with a double bill of his 16mm classics Deseret (1995) and casting a glance (2007). There will also be a UK premiere of his new digital film.

The Festival is centred around the National Media Museum in Bradford, where films from 16mm right through to IMAX 3D can be showcased.

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