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Dark Matter Commerce announces new ecommerce app suite HYPA


Dark Matter Commerce has announced the launch of HYPA, a comprehensive suite of apps designed to empower ecommerce businesses.

Tom Robertshaw, innovation director, unveils HYPA, an evolution and rebrand of Space 48’s app innovation arm. Since 2020, Tom and his team have been creating innovative, user-friendly apps that seamlessly integrate into platforms like BigCommerce.

HYPA aims to help ecommerce businesses grow by building a suite of products that increase conversion, simplify store management, and ultimately create incredible ecommerce experiences.

“At BigCommerce, we get the power of open commerce and partnerships to deliver effective and innovative solutions that help brands deliver great experiences for their customers,” said Nate Stewart, senior vice president of platform strategy at BigCommerce. “HYPA is proof of this, built by a team that has shown their ability to unlock growth through innovative BigCommerce apps multiple times over.”

HYPA’s suite of apps includes:

● Hyper Search: Offers lightning-fast, precise search functionality to improve customer experience.

● Mega Menu Builder: Enables the creation of dynamic, engaging mega menus for easy navigation.

● Automated Categories: Transforms the laborious task of assigning products to categories into an automated, seamless process.

● Metafields Manager: Provides powerful content enrichment capabilities, leveraging metafields within the BigCommerce infrastructure.

● Category Merchandiser: Utilises intelligent ranking and visual merchandising to optimise product arrangement and boost sales on category pages.

● Store Locator: Introduces retailers to a modern, user-friendly Store Locator, complete with exquisite mapping by Mapbox.

● Back in Stock Alerts: Engages customers by notifying them when an out-of-stock product is available again, thus recouping potential lost sales.

● File Explorer: Enhances the file management experience within BigCommerce’s administrative interface.

● Page Scheduler: Allows for pre-scheduled page edits, streamlining content management.

Robertshaw said: “Our mission at HYPA is clear: to make ecommerce excellence accessible to ambitious businesses. Our journey has been shaped by the invaluable feedback and support of our customers, alongside our pivotal partnership with BigCommerce and its thriving developer and merchant community. We extend our huge thanks to all who have contributed to our growth to date.

As HYPA continues to evolve and innovate, Tom and his team will be both further enhancing the existing suite of apps and creating new, more powerful apps to support its customer base by identifying opportunities and gaps in the commerce tech landscape.

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