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Cyber cookery and wearable second brains emerge from Starship


MartinKenwright2It may sound like an announcement more suited to a sci-fi film but Liverpool’s digital entertainment company Starship has unveiled a trip of new products which take gaming technologies to cooking, playing and even your memory.

The Starship studio launched in March for talent from the games, media, and marketing sectors and is headed by Evolution Studios founder and MotorStorm creator Martin Kenwright (pictured). This is the first look at the portfolio it’s creating.

The first product, CyberCook, claims to be the ‘first truly interactive cookery platform’ and is said to feature the world’s first hyper-realistic and time sensitive cooking simulation.

Kenwright explains: “There has been no major step change in the evolution of consumer cooking experiences in over 20 years.

CC_ChickenCacciatore_2k_Logos“The 19th century had cookery books, 20th century had TV, analogue media and live shows. Direct to consumer has come of age, with mass technology ownership allowing us to move beyond existing channels into a brave new world called CyberCook. It’s an experience second only to real cooking, a genuine game-changing platform with infinite opportunities for collaboration, partnerships and social media.”

The other announcements from Starship reveal a children’s adventure series console game called Playworld for ages five plus as well as a e-health and lifestyle product Forget-Me-Not, a memory aid with multiple patents pending, which Kenwright describes as a ‘wearable second brain’.

“In five years, I fully expect memory aids to be as ubiquitous as hearing aids,” said Kenwright. “We’re now in a position where we’re waiting for the hardware to catch up with what we’ve created. We need the use of low-energy chipsets in the wearables sector to increase massively before the true power of Forget-Me-Not can be fully realised.”

First versions of CyberCook and Playworld are set for release in quarter four of this year on smartphones and tablets.

Announcing the products, Starship COO Clemens Wangerin said the first three IP announcements would go some way to explaining how broad the Starship horizons were.

“We’re out to develop the killer product for all next generation hardware. We’re all extremely proud of Starship’s amazing debut, and incredible efforts of the team.

“We’ve had an overwhelmingly positive response to the IPs we’re developing from all corners of the industry; platform holders, device manufacturers and the press. Now we’re looking to connect with key people in each of the sectors we’re targeting – cookery, children’s entertainment and wearables – to work closely with us as the IPs we’re launching grow and develop further.”

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