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CreativeRace offers free marketing advice throughout August and September

CreativeRace Knowledge Hub

CreativeRace, the Leeds-based integrated marketing agency with over four decades of experience, is offering businesses free online advice throughout August and September.

Since the pandemic, the number of businesses looking to improve their online marketing has rocketed. Since 2020, 63 per cent of businesses have increased their digital marketing budgets, according to HubSpot’s State of Marketing Report, 2021.

However, staying up to date with the latest industry trends can be tough for time-pressed business owners, particularly when challenging economic conditions could make them wary of making new in-house appointments. In response, CreativeRace’s team are inviting business owners, founders and marketers to send their marketing questions through an online contact form, with the agency reading and responding to all submissions – one lucky winner will also be selected to have their solutions implemented, free of charge, by CreativeRace.

In addition to putting together personalised responses to every query received, CreativeRace has launched a self-service Knowledge Hub where marketers and business owners can look up answers to problems they are facing, and see what questions others have been asking. The hub will be kept up to date with the latest submissions, with the CreativeRace team sharing their industry expertise to help business owners with their marketing.

CreativeRace CEO Rob Shaw said: “The pandemic sped up many companies’ reliance on digital, causing firms to look for external support, especially in the case of smaller businesses where they may not have the expertise in-house. By making digital support accessible to everyone, we hope to educate, engage and inspire businesses, offering them the tools to improve their digital presence.”

The agency, which includes the likes of Greggs and Asda among its clients, will be answering marketing questions across its full spectrum of services – social media advertising, PPC, digital PR, SEO, analytics, creative, strategy, PR and social media management. Find more details at the CreativeRace website.


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