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Code helps young voters cut through the election bull


Less than a week to go until the General Election and Code Computerlove has decided its time to cut out the “bullshit.”

Its Election Bullshit Filter has been created with tongue firmly in cheek, but its ultimate intention is a serious one, to help younger voters find out which party best suits them.

Iphone copy“A few of us here at Code – like so many young and first time voters – were getting fed up with the multi-party bun fight being played out in the media. All the spin doctoring makes it increasingly difficult to determine which party you might actually want to get behind,” explained Code’s Colin Preston, who came up with the idea.

“When we reviewed some of the supposedly easy online election advice tools we found them long, complicated and not all engaging.

“The Election Bullshit Filter was something we knew would be fun to create and also be useful for the many undecided voters out there.”

The mobile site delivers a series of a quick-fire statements, based on key issues, policies and opinions affecting young voters. They are then asked “can you live with…” and asked to say “yes” or “no.” The quiz then reveals which party or parties most match their personal priorities.

“Young people can’t afford to waste their vote, even if they’re not into politics or are fed up of all the election spiel, so we decided to come up with a way to make learning about politics easier and more engaging,” continued Preston.

“We have been intentionally controversial in our use of language and visual direction to appeal to the disengaged young electorate in this country.”

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