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Channel 4 launches mentoring and training for black content creators


Channel 4 has joined forces with We Are Parable to create a mentoring and training programme for 60 Black TV, filmmakers and content creators across the UK.

Momentum will be run in Leeds, Manchester, Birmingham, Bristol, Glasgow and London.

We Are Parable also helped Channel 4 with its Black To Front project, where the channel’s entire programming schedule was fronted by black talent and contributors across all genres and advertisements for one day.

“The Black to Front Project was a huge commitment and an industry first from Channel 4, and we are very proud of it,” said Channel 4 Creative Diversity lead Neila Butt.

“We always wanted it to have a strong legacy and for it to lead to significant commitments. We loved working with We Are Parable at the time so it’s great to be partnering with them again as we continue our work to nurture and support Black talent, especially across the nations and regions.”

The 60 filmmakers will be paired with a mentor and then offered one to one sessions over a six month period.

They will get access to masterclasses and discussions with industry experts and help with script development, financing and funding.

“We’re really excited to collaborate with Channel 4 on the new iteration of Momentum,” said Anthony Andrews, Co-founder and Creative Director at We Are Parable.

“Their commitment to supporting talent behind, as well as in front of the camera, has been evident especially with last year’s Black To Front Project. By providing us with the tools and networks to scale Momentum to a nationwide level, we’ve been able to support more Black Filmmakers than ever.”

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