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Canal Street’s ‘Queen of Drag’ launches YouTube magazine show

Belinda Scandal

Belinda Scandal, Canal Street’s ‘Queen of Drag’, has launched a new Manchester magazine show on YouTube called Your Mcr.

Scandal, who came up with the idea for the show, hosts Your Mcr along with Channel M presenter Michelle Eagleton. The show brings viewers the latest news about what’s on in the city, along with regular features including Soap Corner, Sport, Beauty and Gadgets.

Your Mcr had a soft launch in April and has since gained an online audience of around 11,000 viewers. Last night the show had its official launch at ON Bar in Canal Street.

Scandal said: “We wanted to make a show about Manchester, for Manchester. We’ve had so many interesting guests on our sofa already and even managed to get our hands on Geri Halliwell’s shoes!”

Eagleton added: “Every time we film Your Mcr we have fun and I hope that reflects to the viewers. We are all so passionate about this city and the people who live in it. We want them to be a part of the show and encourage the public to get involved and let us know what they want to see.”

Other Your Mcr presenters include soap expert Hayley Cartwright, sports man Colin Titley and make-up guru Jeffrey Trindad-Bates.

The show broadcasts bi-weekly with new episodes released on YouTube every Tuesday and Thursday. Your Mcr has also teamed up with Manchester charity Anxiety UK on a new initiative to help those living with mental health issues.

A ‘traffic light system’ of wristbands will provide a creative way for those suffering with anxiety to convey how they are feeling. 

Your Mcr will also be hosting an awards ceremony in early 2019. 

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