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Boxphish wins major auto cybersecurity contract

Photo by Daniel Salcius on Unsplash

Leeds cybersecurity specialist Boxphish has won the contract to deliver interactive training modules for the one of the UK’s biggest car manufacturers.

The contract will see Boxphish deliver cybersecurity training to 40,000+ staff globally, in recognition of the fact that cybersecurity breaches can be a potentially business-ending mistake. Human error is currently responsible for 95 per cent of all successful cyber-attacks, making the area a priority for any organisation wanting to run a successful cyber security programme.

Alex Thomas, Boxphish VP of sales, said: “We’re delighted that we have been selected to support the customer on their IT security and awareness journey. Like us, they recognise that educating and protecting employees is top of the agenda.

“Implementing a successful cyber awareness programme isn’t just about a one-off training course – or sending a couple of simulated phishing emails – it requires a complete culture shift and we’re looking forward to working with them to achieve this.”

The training that Boxphish will provide will be a mixture of its already established bite-sized interactive videos, combined with tailor-made new content, specific to the vehicle giants’ unique needs. The ability to send personalised custom-content was one of the key factors that won the contract, says Boxphish, with the content able to resonate with employees across the world.

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