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‘That Bloody Cheese Man’ is heading back to Europe with Ashcroft Creative rebrand


Stockport-based design agency, Ashcroft Creative, has revamped the Cheshire Cheese Company’s brand assets, including its logo, packaging and website, to help prepare the brand for its post Brexit re-entry into Europe.

The modern look and feel of the Cheshire Cheese Company’s new packaging has been developed to support its ambitious expansion plans, which it could not have contemplated in a post-Brexit climate without the backing of fellow Cheshire cheesemaker Joseph Heler, who majority acquired the business in late 2022.

The company’s former owner, Simon Spurrell, hit the headlines after Boris Johnson dubbed him “That Bloody Cheese Man” when he revealed how Brexit had directly cost his cmpany £250,000.

Darren Ashcroft, managing director, at Ashcroft Creative, said: “The rebranding process of the Cheshire Cheese Company and its iconic cat mascot has been a rewarding experience for our design team at Ashcroft Creative. The brief was to freshen up the look and feel of the brand to make it more playful and lean into the Cheshire Cheese Company’s slogan – ‘the cheese that makes you grin’, imparting a fun yet premium feel.

“We animated the Cheshire Cat to bring it to life and made it a prominent feature so that the award-winning products are even more recognisable to fans and soon-to-be fans of the delicious range. We didn’t want to disrupt the main colour scheme, so instead updated the colour ways on the labels into a more cohesive look and feel. The names of the cheeses have all been updated too, while the labels now bare plenty of subtle references to the cat motif. I’d like to thank the Cheshire Cheese team for their support on this project, for their professionalism, passion and friendly approach – it has been a pleasure.”

Spurrell, now managing director of the Cheshire Cheese Company, added: “As a small and premium cheese producer, we’re extremely selective about who we work with. Darren and his team really stood out in terms of their understanding of the brand’s heritage and future goals, as well as the playfulness we like to inject into things. Eating our cheese is an absolute delight, and we wanted to champion that through every single touch point with the consumer.”

The range predominantly includes Cheddar, Red Leicester and Cheshire Cheese in brightly coloured waxed truckles, as well as gift hampers and complimentary CCC-branded cheese biscuits and chutneys. In additional to the fresh new look, the products each bear a new, snappier name, such as Shamrock (Irish whiskey and stem ginger cheddar), Masala (Red Leicester with mango chutney and nigella seeds) and Hunter (cheddar with truffle and cracked black pepper).

Available to delis, farm shops, garden centres, and independent retailers as well as online, the Cheshire Cheese Company is a recognisable brand that is known and loved across the UK for its high quality produce.

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