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Auto Trader signs AI video deal


Manchester-based Auto Trader has partnered with AI video specialist, Phyron, to offer automated videos for dealers.

The Swedish tech company’s tech is now integrated with Auto Trader Connect to enable more than 4500 dealerships access Phyron’s service.

Phyron takes a retailer’s still imagery and stock record information and runs it through its AI software to automatically generate videos, with zero human input.

“We know that our technology is a huge help to automotive retailers and it has been proven to drive 50% more traffic and sell cars 3 to 5 days faster,” explained Phyron CEO Johan Sundstrand.

“Accessing Auto Trader Connect will enable every small and medium-sized dealer in the UK to produce automated videos simply from a few still images. This is particularly exciting for dealers who might have limited resources and concerns about balancing budgets. This milestone will significantly help dealerships to move cars more quickly, improving cashflow and profitability.”

The videos can be used on OEM brand or retailer websites, as well as classifieds, across social media channels and targeted email distribution.

The AI can identify key properties in the images, including various shot angles, interior elements and exterior highlights, and then strips out the backgrounds and replaces them with a neutral one. The software then adds special effects, shadows and overlays the product specifics and any customer offers on the relevant images, including price and retailer dealer branding.

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