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Author and journalist Peter Chippindale has died


223896Journalist Peter Chippindale, who started out at John Pick’s press agency York and later became the author of a savage book about The Sun newspaper called Stick It Up You Punter!, has died at the age of 69.

The son of a Leeds family, Chippindale spent much of his career at The Guardian which today published a full obituary.

It pays tribute to his ‘pugnacious and archaic, character and tenacity in the newsroom, saying:

“The news editor Jean Stead was an early admirer: ‘One of the best news reporters we ever had,’ she writes. ‘I can see him now, small but standing confidently in front of the news desk, setting out his take on a story.’ He was indeed full of confidence. Peter was memorable among his friends for his phrase: ‘What none of you seem to realise is …’.”

But for many media students Chippindale will be best known for the history of the Murdoch paper he co-authored. Stick It Up Your Punter!, published in 1990, was an exposure of the tabloid paper’s trademark approach. The book’s title came from “Stick it up your Junta!”, one of Kelvin MacKenzie most notable splash headlines from the time of the Falklands War.

Peter was twice divorced. He is survived by two daughters, Lucy and Chloe, from his first marriage, to Sally Crawford, and a daughter, Anna, from his second, to Susan Hooper.

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